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For Family Caregivers

With our AI monitoring technology and an easy-to-access client portal, family caregivers can stay connected with their loved ones anytime, anywhere. Real-time detections, immediate alerts, and health analytics provide you with peace of mind for your loved one's safety.   

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A Fully Comprehensive Wall-Mounted Device

Non-wearable technology allows for independence and more accurate detection.

Mercury AI device on the bedroom wall
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Detects important movements just like a real caregiver - for a fraction of the price.

Receive emergency alerts

Receive receive highly accurate emergency alerts as phone calls, text messages, and push notifications. These include when your loved one falls or doesn't return to bed at night.

Choose the alerts you want

Have peace-of-mind by checking in on your loved one's AI, real-time detected state at any time. Optionally view a live stream into the room. We offer a blurred view option to preserve your loved one's privacy.

Set as many emergency contacts as needed

Set additional emergency contacts to receive alerts, such as caregivers, family members, and neighbors. They can set their own alerts.

Print analytics data to share with your health practitioner

Receive personalized AI collected analytics to help your practitioner better understand your loved ones needs.

See what family caregivers have to say

Yvonne G.

Family Caregiver

When my father started having back pain I was really concerned that he could fall in the middle of the night and I wouldn’t know it. The thought of him being on the floor unable to reach his phone was frightening. Then I read about Mercury Alert, an innovative company with just the solution for this. They monitor your loved ones and alert you if they haven’t returned to their bed. Through their website and easy-to use-app, you choose how and when you want to be alerted. You can rest at night knowing you will not miss anything important. In addition, in the morning you can get a summary of how often your loved one got out of bed and what kind of night they had. I am so glad I found this company and I'm excited for their future.

Karla L.

Family Caregiver

The Mercury Alert Monitor has brought great peace of mind to our family. My 95 year old mother lives in a casita attached to our home and the AI Monitor allows us to respond quickly to any issues she may have during the night. The advanced analytics also provide insight into the quality of her sleep. The Mercury founders and staff are extremely responsive to any problems or questions we may have and we look forward to each of the new capabilities that are being developed.

Don H.

Family Caregiver

Recently I discovered Mercury Alert as a result of my Mothers gradual health decline. She has been living independently for years but now at 91 her inability to manage her diabetic medications puts her at risk of falling. In fact it was a fall that almost killed her because we didn’t find her for 12 hours. That experience motivated me to take action. My CIO background convinced me that there must be a technical solution to put “eyes” on my Mother without being in the room myself. Her greatest risk of a fall is at night navigating the dark room to the restroom. I was happily surprised to have found Mercury Alert's solution! Frankly it’s been a godsend to have them on my Mothers medical team. With this low profile, none intrusive monitoring system I now have a “Watchman” in her room that alerts me to any issues she has at night. Mercury Alert monitor system has been a game changer for our family!

Sandra S.

Family Caregiver

The Mercury monitoring system has added a higher level of security and safety for my elderly father. He lives in a unit outside of our home. I am comforted knowing I will be alerted if he gets up in the night and doesn’t return. It also helps to know how often he gets up during the night. I highly recommend this system. The Mercury team is responsive and great to work with.