Shared Care

We’ve not only invented a new technology, but also a new way to maximize caregiver impact. With our remote AI monitoring applied with an "Uberized" caregiving model, we’re saving families thousands a month by sharing a nighttime caregiver.

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We're introducing a new way to care.

Families are faced with a difficult situation when having to provide care for their loved ones. They can carry the care burden themselves, watching their loved one at night, or pay $6,000 per month for a full time caregiver. With the help of artificial intelligence monitoring, families can pay for a caregiver to be dispatched when there’s an emergency detected. This dramatically decreases family monthly cost, while ensuring help is provided precisely when it’s needed.

Save Money

Save Money

Our 24/7 Remote AI monitoring is like hiring a full time caregiver - without the high costs.

Caregiver Efficiency

Caregiver Efficiency

Receive real-time safety alerts and daily updates for larger groups of clients.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

 Have peace of mind knowing a caregiver will be dispatched if there's an emergency detected.

Our Features

Community Overview

 Monitor multiple clients at one time and dispatch caregivers to nearby homes immediately when there's an emergency detected.

Community Overview on the user dashboard

Mobile Safety Alerts

Receiving key safety alerts through message
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Action Detection

Caregivers opt into any real-time detections including getting in bed, sitting up, standing, left the room, etc.

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Caregivers are alerted and called when residents fall or are out of bed for too long.

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Daily Update

Caregivers are updated daily with health statistics about the residents they care for.

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