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For Care Communities

Increase caregiver efficiency and care effectiveness with Mercury AIert's full facility coverage. Care communities can monitor a larger number of residents simultaneously and receive analytics to better understand their needs.

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Full Facility Coverage

Caregivers can monitor a larger number of residents simultaneously and stay connected with each resident by checking their real-time status on the caregiver dashboard.

Caregiver Dashboard


Facility Dashboard

Facility Dashboard on desktop

Mobile Alerts

Caregivers receive phone calls and messages for highly accurate emergency alerts, so they can be dispatched immediately.

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Action Detection

Caregivers opt into any real-time detections including getting in bed, sitting up, standing, left the room, etc.

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Caregivers are alerted and called when residents fall or are out of bed for too long.

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Daily Updates

Caregivers are updated daily with health statistics about the residents they care for.

Data Analytics

Receive resident health insights that will help caregivers implement data-based proactive care plan adjustments. These are great to share with families.

Value to our Facilities

Increase safety, reduce risk of injuries

  • Dispatch caregivers directly to residents in vulnerable positions, intervening shortly after or before possible incidents occur.
  • Maximum resident time on floor is dramatically decreased to minutes instead of 2+ hours between Check-Ins.

Increase occupancy and resident retention

  • Stand out from other communities with AI protection.
  • Communities can share ADL analytics with families to help them better understand their loved ones’ increasing care needs.

Increase caregiver efficiency and care effectiveness

  • We enable more efficient dispatching for staffing, as opposed to just check-in rounds.
  • A single caregiver can monitor a larger number of residents from anywhere, anytime.
  • Onboard new caregivers efficiently with resident analytics on nightly habits and patterns.

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